Importance of the Family in the Society

Society is actually based on the families, as the process of building big city starts from building a family.  A family is based on three important aspects love between the man and woman, love for the children, and promoting ethical values in the society. For children, parents are their role model, they learn so many things from their families. It is the duty of the parents to create a good impression of the family among the children so that they also think in a positive way about moral values and families.

We are living in an era of history where moral values are declining rapidly. In this difficult time the importance of families increased even more to keep the morality alive in the society and make our world a better place to live. Family can be decisive in creating positive or negative impact on the whole society. Parents have to show the responsibility by showing love for their children, and making them aware of moral, and ethical values. The goal of every parent is must be to educate their children about the positive aspects of the family so that they can pass these things to their future generations.


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