Resistance for The Change

Whenever someone starts the process of change, he will definitely face enormous resistance from the different people. One thing which you should keep in mind that this resistance is natural as most of the normal humans always shows resistance against the changes. You cannot stop the resistance completely, but by taking some positive steps you can minimize that resistance considerably. You also have to keep in mind that your attitude toward that change resistance is very important to the success of that change. Many people failed to complete the change just because of their frustration which results because of the resistance.

The main cause of that resistance towards any change is the fear factor. People are feeling unsecured by the consequences of the change you want to carry. Many people have fear in their mind that are they good enough to adopt that change. Though change is not always negatively perceived but deep in their mind people have fear and sense of insecurity as they are not confident enough, or maybe not ready for that change. If you have a better understanding of the causes of the resistance, you can easily cope with the situation and you can educate people regarding their resistance.


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