What is Change?

Change is a process in which we try to become different. This process of change always brings us out from our comfort zone, therefore change is always resisted. The process of change can be started to become better or worse, depends upon what we are trying to do. As we stated that change is a process which can be completed with the passage of time and it also has an adjustment period. Mostly, people start thinking about changes when all the previous practices failed to work. Often people don’t feel comfortable throughout the process of change, and that is natural.

People measure the success of the change by its impact on overall performance. People start going for changes when there is no other choice left, and even then they find tough resistance from the different corners against that change. While thinking about change one need to keep in mind that change should be carried out gradually so that it has minimum negative effects on the society.  Change is not a destination, instead of that you should take change as a new launching pad. We all need to think positively about the changes. The only thing which one need to think is the process through which you are carrying and completing the change.


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