Advantages of Living in a Town

People that become tired of the busy life of cities usually like town life. Some people also prefer town life because of the pollution in the cities. But if you compare the life of a small town with a big city you will come to the conclusion that the advantages of living in a town are too many. If you have got a chance to visit a town you must know that there is never too much traffic on the roads of a town, many people prefer to walk instead of driving a car. Besides that you can also notice that the air is extremely fresh in towns.

Another big advantage of town life is while walking on the streets and in markets you will feel the sense of belonging instead of anonymity which we generally feel in the markets and streets of large cities. If you go to the school of a town, the first thing which you notice is the children are much more relaxed as compared to the school of a city, and the number of children in the classrooms is also less as compared to the classrooms of a city school. If you go to the clinic of a doctor in a small town you will be pleased to see that doctor knows every person of that town. There is always a relax feeling while living in a town.


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