How Culture Affects on Personality

Often we heard the question that how culture can affect the personality. In this regard it is stated that culture does not affect directly on your personality but indirectly many traits of our personality des got affected by the culture. Our personality develops according to the events we have experienced since childhood, and culture plays a vital role in the occurrence of different events in our daily life. Culture puts some restrictions on the child for dressing, if these restrictions are not imposed the child might dress in a different way.

Different personality traits develop in a person because of cultural barriers. Most of the personality traits in our personality are accepted by our culture because these traits are in accordance with the cultural rules. In some cases the culture does not affect the personality at all. In that case the person develops his personality in a completely different way and culture affects his personality in another manner. Whenever a person tries to shift his personality from one point to another that is called personality development. Culture act as a blockage or checkpoint between those two points, and in that case person tries to move on towards the point of passing through that checkpoint.


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