How History Affects the Future

History does affect the future in many ways. As we know many of the problems which our ancestors faced we are facing today, and by knowing how they cope with the same problems we can solve our problems in a better way. It is always a good idea to study the history in order to do things better in future. Our society is built on the basis of historical events. It is history that sets political, economical, and social norms of any society.  If the events in history was different, the society might not be like as it is today.

Not all people learn lessons from history, but if someone is wise enough he must study the history before taking any important decision. The effects of history in our lives are more permanent as the foundations of any society are based on the history. History does affect us in both individually and society as a whole. It is history which allows us to learn the precious lessons from the legends of the past. Many people do not take history as a serious subject but those who know that future is always based on the events of past and present knows the importance of history.


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