Importance of Books In Life

The concept of the books is centuries old but the fact is that initially books are not accessible for common man. Only the rich and upper class people and scholars are able to read books. When there was no printing facility available books are needed to be copied by hand so this is a very expensive luxury at the times. With the invention of the printing press the books become cheaper in terms of price and gradually these books become reachable for a common person. Today, books are available for everyone and considered as the cheapest way to increase knowledge.

Book reading was one of the most popular hobby around the world before the arrival of internet and cell phones. Today, the number of book readers is decreasing considerably but still the importance of books in our life is same as ever before. By reading books you can not only increase the knowledge on a wide range of subjects but it is a good way to improve your understanding about different cultures and countries. Reading is one of most essential thing for any student, and it is the way of diversifying your vision about life. No doubt that internet and satellite TV has affected the number of book readers but still books are very important in our life.


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