What is Autumn?


Autumn is one of the four seasons of the year in which the sun daces the other part of the earth. In autumn the color of the leaves changed. When the sun passes over the equator directly it is called Equinox.  This happens twice in the year, and it is the time when the days and nights are equal in length. The two equinoxes are vernal equinox which occurred at the time spring is on its way, and another is autumnal equinox which starts when autumn began.

The season of autumn begins either in March or in September depending on which part of the earth you are living. If you are living on the northern side of the earth autumn starts in the month of March whereas for people living on the southern side the autumn season begins in September. As the leaves change their color to the yellowish therefore it is not that hard to identify when autumn begins. Besides changing color, the leaves also fall down from the trees and the new leaves grow in the spring season. Autumn is the time when summer went off and weather starts to become cooler, and it is the time when people start wearing winter cloths.


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