What is Culture?

Culture can be defied as the collective characteristics of a group of people in which everything is included from arts and music to language, and social activities.  In a country like USA the population consists of many different cultural groups therefore, a diversified culture takes place which is influenced by many different groups. There are countless cultures are present in the world but basically there are 04 major cultures are available today.

Western Culture

The term western culture is normally referred as the culture of European countries and the United States. The roots of western culture are as old as Greek, and Roman era. The western culture was raised during the fourteenth century.

Eastern Culture

Mostly when we say eastern culture that means the culture of far eastern countries such as China, Japan, and Korea. Besides that, the culture of South Asia (Indian Sub Continent) is also considered as the Eastern culture. Both types of eastern culture far eastern culture and Indian culture are influenced by the religion.

Latin Culture

The culture in South American country is considered as the Latin Culture. Latin culture is heavily inspired by the western culture.

African Culture

The African culture is divided in two major types, North African Culture and Sub-Saharan African Culture. The environment and whether conditions of Africa largely influenced the African culture.


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