The Importance of Trees

Trees are extremely important for our environment, and there are various advantages of growing the trees. One of the main benefit is, these trees are an effective tool to control pollution on earth. Planting trees is one of the oldest and most cost effective methods to improve the environmental condition and quality of life in an area. Trees are also very important to regulate the temperature and improve the quality of air.  Besides that, trees are a major source of removing the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which is the main cause of green house effect.

Trees are the major sound barrier and helps in reducing the noise pollution. You must remember that noise pollution is the main cause of stress and high blood pressure.  Trees are also helpful in balancing the weather conditions. Decrease in number of trees is the main cause of the reduction in rainfall all over the world. Trees are also helpful in controlling the floods and storms. The weather remains much cooler in the areas where we have a considerable number of trees as compared to those areas where we do not have sufficient trees. We can also reduce the heat island effect in big cities by planting more and more trees.


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