Brief History of Action Movies

Action movies are one of the popular form of movies in both TV as well as cinema. The history of action movie started in 1920s when action based films started and a large number of audiences like this type of movies. Initially the action movies are based on old western style sword wars.  During the 1940s and 50s the action movies took a new twist by the introduction of cowboy movies. Besides that, the spy based action movies are also very popular which are started by Alfred Hitchcock. During the 1960s the James Bond series has gotten mass popularity among the general public and the series is still continuing.

During 70s and 80s another type of action movie introduced which is based on urban crimes. In these movies cops and cars are the major entertainment. Besides that, many other Bond style films are also released during that period. In the final decade of last century the Chinese martial arts action movies are also popular and many people like that type of action. 1973 the first martial arts movie Karate Kiba was released.  Science fiction based action movies also inspired millions of fans, and becomes an important part of the cinema since the release of Star Wars.




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