Disadvantages of Action Movies

As the action movies are the important part of Hollywood cinema, and have great impact on our daily lives therefore, many people are worried about the disadvantages of such action movies. No doubt that action films are extremely entertaining and full of ingredients that are necessary for any successful films, but on the other hand these movies are full of violence and brings negative impact on our society. If a kid or teenager starts watching such films and inspired by the hero, obviously his behavior becomes more violent. One of the main drawbacks of action movies is, the hero who is projected as a good and ideal person is also involved in the violence which creates a bad impact on the young generation.

Action movies do have a negative effect on human psychology, especially on the minds of young generations. Increasing violence in our society is also because of these types of films. Unlike romantic films which does not create a strong impact on the minds of people, action movies are so engaging and entertaining that is why these movies becomes the major cause for the increasing violence in the society. In order to control the negative impact of action movies we have to increase awareness among the young generation that movie is just a movie and nothing else.



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