Kinds of Bullying


Many school children are victims of bullying each day. Some people think that bullying is just someone hitting you in the face, but actually bullying is much more than that. There are different kinds of bullying which are as under:

Physical Bullying
When someone hurt another person physically for example hitting or pinching that is called physical bullying. If someone is taking the property of another person or destroy anything it is is also called physical bullying.

Verbal Bullying
Verbal bullying is when someone abuse another person verbally by calling names, passing offending remarks, and making jokes about his race or religion.

Social Bullying
Social bullying is when a group of people bullied another group of people. In this type of bullying people also spread rumors about someone else.

Online Bullying
Another common type of bullying is online bullying. Due to increase use of internet people start bullying others on different social media websites. In online bullies people use comments and pictures to bully each other.

Indirect Bullying
Indirect bullying means spreading rumors about someone. In indirect bullying people abuse others by telling stories to others.

Bullying is an offensive human behavior in which people do bad things to others. This is a common thing among the teenagers and scool students.



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