Recycling of Paper

The recycling of paper means production of paper through recycled materials. This recycling of paper starts in 1690 in the United States. The recycling of paper was started by William Rittenhouse when he has started first paper mill in the United States. That paper mill was situated in Philadephia. In that paper mill the paper was manufactured by recycling the  cotton, linen and rags. At the start of the 19th century the paper was first manufactured from the wood of the trees.

The recycling of paper is an old concept and it is around the corner from the year 1800. Making paper from discarded materials is very useful and cost effective method of manufacturing the paper. Recycling of paper not only saves the energy but also helpful in keeping the manufacturing cost lower by using the recycled raw materials. Recycling of paper is also helpful in conserving  the natural resources and reducing the greenhouse effects. Recycling of paper not only save the trees, water, and land, but it is also saving our environment from the greenhouse gases. You must remember that more than 50% of landfill problem is just because of the paper products, therefore, recycling of paper means we are addressing the major cause of landfill issue.



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