What is Bullying

Bullying means when a person intentionally and repeatedly hurt or harm someone else and the person who got bullied is start feeling helpless. Mostly students and teenagers are bullied. Bullying is a type of harassment and aggressive human behavior in which the victim either harassed physically or verbally. Some of the common types of verbal bullying is calling with names, passing insulting remarks, teasing someone,  passing racist remarks, verbal threats, and saying things on behind the back. Similarly physical bullying means hitting or slapping someone, stealing something, pinching, flushing the head of the victim in the toilet, and attacking the victim with spit wad.

Bullying is considered as a bad social behavior, and mostly this aggression takes place against the children. We all have to make efforts to stop the bullying. Recent research reveals that the intensity of bullying is increasing as more teenagers and children are joining. Because of bullying there are a number of criminal cases are also reported. Bullying is also very bad for the atmosphere of the school and college as it creates fear among the students, and it becomes hard for students to learn things under the fear. Besides that, bullying also creates stress and hypertension among the young children.


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