Why We Need to Wear Glasses

Some people mis-perceived the concept of wearing the glasses as they think that people who wear glasses cannot see without glasses. The fact is that if someone is able to see with glasses is also able to see without glasses, and glasses only improve the quality of vision. People who are blind cannot see anything even with glasses. Glasses are not only helpful in improving quality of what we see through our eyes, but also helpful in reducing the damage caused to the eyes. If you have a weak eyesight and you are not wearing glasses accordingly that means your eyesight going to become weaker every day.

As contact lenses are taking place of glasses all over the world but still there are millions of people who just wear glasses because of their loyalty with wearing traditional glasses. There are different shapes of lenses that are used in glasses. Some of the common shapes of the lenses are prism, cylinder, spheres. Glasses are not just wear for the purpose of weak eyesight, but some people also wear glasses to reduce the effects of the sun. These types of glasses are called sunglasses. Sunglasses are also used for the fashion purpose.


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