Who will win the Presidential Race?

The US presidential race for the 2012 elections is very close since the last debate in Florida. Before that Mitt Romney was little ahead of Obama, but now the race becomes an even more close contest. No doubt that the hopes for Mr. Romney increased a lot after the Denver debate, but many experts believe that Obama has leveled the score in Florida debate. The main reason for the success of Obama in the last debate is his strong foreign policy, or maybe the inexperience of Mitt Romney about facts and figures of foreign policy.

In this close contest in the race to the White House is now largely depends on the minority votes, because history reveals that whenever there is a close contest in US elections the minority, and black vote plays a decisive role. The challenge for Romney since the start of his presidential campaign is to transform his personality into a presidential  figure. The experts believe that he did it successfully during the month of October until the Florida debate takes place. Though figures show that Obama has gained few points in the last presidential debate but that does not mean the race is over, actually Florida debate makes the contest even more hot.


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