Disadvantages of War

War is often referred as the armed conflict between two groups or countries in which they attacked each other. Although the perception of war is changed during the last few decades but the disadvantages attached with any war are still the same. War always brings negative impacts on the economy, environment, and social behavior of the people. One of the major disadvantages of war is, it destroys the economy of the region. Today, the economic cost of the war is too high because of weapons and ammunition is very expensive. Besides that, the damage caused to the infrastructure of the country also damaged significantly which needs to be rebuilt after the war is over.

The war also affects the environment of the area negatively as most of the weapons used in the war are extremely harmful for the environment. Many of the animals are also killed because of the war which is also a main disadvantage of the war. Besides that, the war also damages the social structure of any country.  The education of the country also damaged a lot during the war time. A country may recover from economical and environmental damages of war, but it takes decades to recover from the social and psychological effects of war.


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