History of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is a genius who was born to a Syrian Arab father but then adopted by Paul Jobs. When he was dropped out of his college he started his own company Apple along with his friend Steve Wozniak who is also dropped out of the same college. At that time the age of Steve Jobs was just 21. Jobs was working as a sales guy in Apple whereas Wozniak was the engineer. Fortunately with the efforts of Jobs and Wozniak, Apple becomes a very successful company as they used the Graphical USER Interface (GUI) in Apple-II which got massive appreciation, and eventually, Steve Jobs becomes a millionaire at the age of 25.

In 1985 Jobs was kicked out of Apple by a guy John Sculley , and then Jobs has founded another company NeXT which becomes a rival to Apple in a few years.  The NeXT was bought by Apple after a few years. In 1995 Apple was struggling to survive and at that time the company has decided to hire Steve Jobs again as the CEO of Apple. Jobs has introduced iMac in his second turn to Apple in which he combined computer along with the monitor.  It is pertinent to mention here that Steve Jobs is a vegetarian as well as Buddhists. In 2004 Steve Jobs has diagnosed the cancer, and dies because of cancer in October 2011.



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