The Contributions of Steve Jobs for Apple

Steve Jobs is considered as the pioneer of Apple Inc as he not only founded the Apple, but also makes some remarkable contributions for the development of Apple Inc. His visionary thoughts and creative approach make him the legend of technology industry today. Following are few of his memorable achievements of the Apple, and technological world.

Launching of the Apple-II Personal Computer
Apple-II was considered as the first success of the Apple. This personal computer was launched in 1977, and because of its user friendly features, it soon becomes the popular among the computer users.

Apple Macintosh
Macintosh was introduced in the market in the year 1984, and considered as a significant development in the world of technology. Macintosh which is often known as Mac is outsold when it was launched in the market.

iPad was launched in 2010, and it shows that Steve Jobs is one of the most innovative CEO in the world of technology. iPad is simply the most significant development on the tablet PCs.  Today, iPad is by far the best selling tablet PC all over the world.

The above mentioned few contributions of Steve Jobs are the most significant in his life, but despite his achievements, Jobs is a great personality, and famous for mixing the great business ideas with technological feasible products successfully.


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