The Effects of War on the Society

The recent research shows that the social impact of war is always higher than the economical and environmental impact. War has got the ability to reshape the society as a whole. Besides that, war also brings massive changes in our daily lives during the years to come. The destruction to properties and infrastructure is just the one side of the war, but besides that, war also affects the psychology of a human being in many ways. The prices of commodities go upwards and often we face shortages of food items during war times, this also brings major changes in the social behavior of the people.

Another thing which affects our society because of war is shortage of money. Many industries shut down during the war due to which many people lose their jobs and those who have no savings often suffered from the cash shortage. This lack of money brings major changes in the lifestyle of the people and have shown some long term effects on human behavior. The culture and arts also got affected because of war as wee a major impact of war in paintings, dramas, and poetry. A war affected country needs years to recover from the social effects of the war.


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