What are Elections?

Elections are the important part of any democratic process. An election is actually a process of decision making in which the general public will choose a person to hold any public office through their votes. The successful person or party is decided on the basis of majority votes. The history of the modern system of elections was started in the 17th century. There are many types of elections takes place in the world today including local government, state government, and federal government. Besides that, in few countries some other public offices such as the judiciary, and executives  also decided on the basis of elections.

In ancient times the process of elections is different than the elections of recent times. The process of elections is also used to select some of the private bodies such as a governing body of a club, large organizations, and non government organizations. Elections are considered as the backbone of modern democracy, and there is no democracy in the world can operate effectively without holding  free and fair elections. The process of monitoring the results of elections is now considered as a science, and it is called psephology. The use of psephology is used to analyze the different statistics related to elections and future predictions of the results.


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