What is Humanity?

The humanity means the characteristics and nature of a human being. In recent times, the pace of life increased manifold and due to this busy lifestyle many of us are struggling to know themselves. It becomes even harder for every human to study and understand the habits, nature, and characteristics of a human being as a whole. Often we heard a quote that “Man is a social animal”, but how many of us are able to understand this quote with its true spirit. We must need to understand the actual reason of creation of human being, and to do this we must study humanity.

Studying humanity is a social topic which is related to the field of sociology. By studying humanity we actually learn the social behavior of a human being. Humanity is actually our behavior towards other persons. The human behavior towards any other particular person or event is largely depending on various causes, and studying humanity is extremely important for everyone especially for the students of social sciences. The humanity provides a chance to understand the reasons of creation of humans, and it also provides us a chance to know ourselves in a better way. We all need to understand the humanity at least to some extent.


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