How Climate Changes Because of Global Warming

We have heard the term global warming various times. The major cause o global warming is the pollution in the atmosphere. The major drawback of global warming is long term changes in the weather patterns all over the world. Because of global warming the temperature of the earth is increasing significantly. Most of the experts agreed that one of the biggest threats to our earth is global warming which is gradually diminishing the species and their habitats. Because of global warming the extremities in the climate conditions all over the world are reported.

It is reported that because of global dimming the draughts are reported in various parts of Africa such as Ethopia. This is because the ocean is not as warm as it can develop clouds . This brings a lack of rain in the area especially in the 70s and 80s. This is known as global dimming. Because of this global dimming various ecological disaster are reported, and there is chance for further disasters in the near future if the issue will not be addressed properly. Another example of global warming is a heat wave in Europe in 2003 which also takes the life of hundreds of the people.


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