The Difference Between Weather and Climate

Climate, and weather, both are referred as the atmospheric conditions, but the time frame of both of the terms is different. When we say weather that means the short term atmospheric condition of a particular area for example today, or tomorrow. However, climate suggests the atmospheric conditions for a longer period of time such as decades, or even longer as centuries. Often people failed to understand the difference between climate and weather, because they use these terms interchangeably.

When we say climate changes that means changes in the temperature of the earth, global warming, precipitation, and other atmospheric events that goes for decades. In order to use the proper term, it is important for us that we must understand the basic difference between climate and weather. The climate is more appropriate term to use when we have to describe the overall atmospheric conditions of a particular area, or when we talk about global warming issues. Weather on the other hand is a better term to describe the current temperatures and forecast the weather conditions such as humidity, warm, sunny or rainy for tomorrow or for the coming week. Weather is more used to predict the recent atmospheric conditions.


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