What is Bullying

Bullying means when a person intentionally and repeatedly hurt or harm someone else and the person who got bullied is start feeling helpless. Mostly students and teenagers are bullied. Bullying is a type of harassment and aggressive human behavior in which the victim either harassed physically or verbally. Some of the common types of verbal bullying is calling with names, passing insulting remarks, teasing someone,  passing racist remarks, verbal threats, and saying things on behind the back. Similarly physical bullying means hitting or slapping someone, stealing something, pinching, flushing the head of the victim in the toilet, and attacking the victim with spit wad.

Bullying is considered as a bad social behavior, and mostly this aggression takes place against the children. We all have to make efforts to stop the bullying. Recent research reveals that the intensity of bullying is increasing as more teenagers and children are joining. Because of bullying there are a number of criminal cases are also reported. Bullying is also very bad for the atmosphere of the school and college as it creates fear among the students, and it becomes hard for students to learn things under the fear. Besides that, bullying also creates stress and hypertension among the young children.


Kinds of Bullying


Many school children are victims of bullying each day. Some people think that bullying is just someone hitting you in the face, but actually bullying is much more than that. There are different kinds of bullying which are as under:

Physical Bullying
When someone hurt another person physically for example hitting or pinching that is called physical bullying. If someone is taking the property of another person or destroy anything it is is also called physical bullying.

Verbal Bullying
Verbal bullying is when someone abuse another person verbally by calling names, passing offending remarks, and making jokes about his race or religion.

Social Bullying
Social bullying is when a group of people bullied another group of people. In this type of bullying people also spread rumors about someone else.

Online Bullying
Another common type of bullying is online bullying. Due to increase use of internet people start bullying others on different social media websites. In online bullies people use comments and pictures to bully each other.

Indirect Bullying
Indirect bullying means spreading rumors about someone. In indirect bullying people abuse others by telling stories to others.

Bullying is an offensive human behavior in which people do bad things to others. This is a common thing among the teenagers and scool students.



What is Love?

We use the word love many times in our daily life talk with friends and family, but did you ever thought that what actually love is. Someone defined love as a feeling of appreciating the goodness of another person. The fact is that love something more than just appreciating the qualities of others because if it is just appreciation that it means we have a choice to appreciate it or not, but actually most of the times love does not made by choice. Love is actually the most beautiful feeling God has ever created. It is hard to explain the love in words but believe me love is more beautiful than one can explain in words.

The proper definition of love is unavailable because it is always hard to describe feelings in words. Love is a feeling and a complicated thing. There are no particular reasons to fall in love with someone. Love is a positive relationship in our lives which gives us the hope of living. There are different degrees of love, as some people want to keep their love as a romantic feeling whereas others like intensity in their love. Some people say love does not exist but actually it is not truth. Love is a strong feeling which is available to every individual.

Benefits of Love

Love is a positive feeling which creates hope in people. Many people are seeking for true love these days which is hard to find. We all fall in love at some stage of our lives. There are many benefits of falling in love. Few important advantages of love are as under:

You can reduce your daily life stress by falling in love. When someone falls into a relationship the adrenaline glands of the human body produces the DHEA hormone which acts like stress reducer.

Love brings stability in our lives as without falling into a relationship a person is extremely unstable.

Love brings positive change in our behavior, and also affect positively on our professional performance. People who are in more strong relationship with someone are tending to be more productive in their job as compared to those who are not in a relationship.

Research also reveals that love and sex are extremely good for heart problems. Sex is just like an exercise for your heart which keep the heart healthy.

Love also avoid the dangerous disease attacks such as angina and ulcer. A happy marriage or a satisfied sex life can save you from various different diseases.


Tools to Build Confidence

Confidence is a thing which everybody loves to build. Even if you are confident enough at times you start feeling that you have to further boost your confidence level. Following are a few tools that helps you in building your level of confidence:

  • The best tool to build your confidence is take everything positively. Positiveness is the single most important factor that can take your confidence sky high.
  • The next tool to increase the confidence is anchoring. Many people like anchoring because it is a simple and effective way of boosting the confidence. Many people use anchoring to change behavior, attitude and beliefs. Anchoring is actually an exercise in which you start thinking about the times when you are extremely confident. This is actually controlling the feeling of your emotions.
  • One of the most effective tools for boosting the confidence level is subliminal messaging. These are actually recorded audio messages which people use to boost their confidence. This audio exercise is extremely effective at times when you feel down, and it brings positive changes in your attitude in minimum time.

There are many other tools to build the confidence, it actually varies from person to person so you have to know yourself that what tool suite you more in order to increase your confidence level.

Tips for Good Relationship

A relationship often defined as the union between two individuals. It is important for all of us to keep our relationship full of warm feeling. Following are a few tips that helps you in building a good relationship with your partner:

  • When you wake up in the morning make a commitment to yourself that you will remove the obstacles in a relationship like criticism, and blames.
  • You must appreciate the positive things about your partner. It is important that you should express your appreciation in a way that your partner must feel good.
  • Know the things which your partner love to do. Once you know the likes and dislikes of your partner, it becomes much easier for you to work to improve your relationship.
  • You must think honestly that what things you have done in the past that are not good for your relationship.
  • Improve the level of communication with your partner so that unnecessary doubts and blames should not harm your relationship.
  • You should remember that getting rid of your partner is not enough to solve your problem. In most of the relationship it is ego that creates so many problems. You have to avoid these things.

The Importance of trust in Any Relationship

Many people failed to understand the real value of the trust for relationships. If you analyse your daily life you will see that trust is disappearing quickly between the relationships. The fact is that, it becomes impossible to build a meaningful relationship without trust. In childhood we trust each other easily but as the life progresses the trust start disappearing. The major enemy of trust is doubts, and these doubts began from our own imagination. Trust is the only thing in any relationship which gives us inner satisfaction and happiness.

The importance of trust for the relationships is simply unavoidable, and trust is the thing which makes a relationship long lasting and strong. Trust is the thing which not only brings a feeling of security, and it gives us power to face the daily life challenges. Trust also brings warmness in the relationship, and it acts like a tonic for any relation in difficult times. If relationship is a body, trust is the soul of that body. There may be many other factors that can affect any relationship, but if you want to know the make or break factor it is the trust.  We have to spend time in analysing that how much trust is in between our relationships.