What is Love?

We use the word love many times in our daily life talk with friends and family, but did you ever thought that what actually love is. Someone defined love as a feeling of appreciating the goodness of another person. The fact is that love something more than just appreciating the qualities of others because if it is just appreciation that it means we have a choice to appreciate it or not, but actually most of the times love does not made by choice. Love is actually the most beautiful feeling God has ever created. It is hard to explain the love in words but believe me love is more beautiful than one can explain in words.

The proper definition of love is unavailable because it is always hard to describe feelings in words. Love is a feeling and a complicated thing. There are no particular reasons to fall in love with someone. Love is a positive relationship in our lives which gives us the hope of living. There are different degrees of love, as some people want to keep their love as a romantic feeling whereas others like intensity in their love. Some people say love does not exist but actually it is not truth. Love is a strong feeling which is available to every individual.