The Importance of Natural Light

Over the last few years or decades the lifestyle of the humans is changing all over the world, and today, we do not have that much natural light in our life as we have few decades back. The dependence over the artificial light is increased, and it is continuously increasing. We can see the apartments and buildings are more congested than  ever and there is no source of natural light is available. People that have to work indoor have even less chance to see the natural light, and this is an alarming situation.

The importance of the natural light for our skin and other parts of the body is unavoidable, therefore we must have to get the natural light in the required quantity. If our homes and offices are not constructed in a way that we get the natural light there, we have to find the other sources and ways to find the natural light. We have to go out in the parks to provide sufficient natural light to ourselves. Besides that, it is also our duty to create awareness among the public that natural light is important so that the offices and houses are constructed in a way where the sunlight reaches in sufficient quantity.


The Benefits of Natural Light

The natural light is important for our life, and there are countless benefits of natural light. The most important benefit of the natural light is it is available for free. We have to pay for the electricity bill and fixtures when we want artificial light,and a considerable amount of our monthly income goes in paying the electricity bill, in this scenario when we get natural light for free it looks something very beneficiary. Besides being free the natural light is very important for our skin as we can avoid various skin infections just because of getting the proper amount of natural light.

Besides that, it is convenient to regulate the intensity level of the natural light to achieve the proper quantity of light. In artificial light it is not the case as you have to find additional fixtures if you want more light. It is true that excessive exposure to sunlight may cause damage to our skin, but what if we do not have the natural light at all? Life without natural light is not possible for humans as well as plants and animals. The only thing which we have to do is regulate the intensity of the sunlight in order to achieve optimum level of this precious gift of the God.