Why Flowers are Important in Nature

The importance of flowers in nature is indisputable as the flowers are the major feed source for insects, humans, birds, and animals. Flowers are also used in various natural medicines for the humans as well as animals.  Flowers also plays a vital role in the reproduction process of the plants. Just think for a moment the world without flowers, don’t you feel if there are no flowers in the world it must be a dull place to live.

The basic importance of flowers in nature is, these flowers are worked as reproductive aids for the plants. Flowers gives an aesthetic look to the plant which is totally green otherwise.  The insects and birds attracted towards flowers and try to steal the nectar of the flower they are actually pollinating the plants indirectly as they move the sperm of the plant from the stamens to the pistils. Flowers are also a food source for humans and other living things. For example the rose petals are used in different recipes and tea from the old ages. Besides that banana and citrus flowers are also used in the human food for centuries. Flowers are also the major source of food for various animals, and in this regard, rabbits as well as deers are the main animals that eat flowers.


The Advantages of Flowers

Flowers are not just a way to decorate the gardens, there are various other advantages of the flowers. Besides being beautiful, flowers are important to improve the quality of your life. Flowers plays an important role to reduce the daily life stress through their scent and beautiful shape. It also reduces the anxiety, and improve the creative sense of a human. Flowers are also used to present as gifts to the friends and other relatives.

Many of the flowers are naturally working as air freshener as they have a fresh scent. We have heard that plants are the source to remove the toxic gases from the air. All you need to do is place the plants and flowers in a way that they can get proper ventilation. If you want a natural fresh air in the room, you have to place the flowers in a more natural way. Various perfumes and colognes also use different flowers for their scents.

Flower are considered as a beautiful gift from God because of their shapes, colors and scents. Those who got a good aesthetic sense always love to have flowers in their room. The delicate beauty of flowers keep us reminded that nature is extremely beautiful.

What is Bamboo

Bamboo is the type of grass plant, and considered as the a productive type of grass. Bamboo is flexible, and woody grass that is used for several purposes. When we think about grass the perception may be a lush green type of grass, but the story with bamboo is quite different. Bamboo is used as a hardwood material in manufacturing the furnitures which are known as bamboo furniture. There are more than 100 types of bamboo species in the world today which is different according to the climate conditions. Mostly, these species are identified according to the flower of the bamboo plants.

Bamboo is an old plant which has been used by mankind since centuries, and considered as an evergreen plant. Sometimes bamboo is also classified according to the soil on which they grow. There are two main types of bamboo plants in this regard running bamboo, and clumping bamboo. The running bamboo mostly grown in large landscape areas as these types of plants spread all over the place, whereas clumping bamboo mostly grown in a garden area, and stays in one place. The main difference between those two types of bamboo plants is the shape of the roots.